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Steven H. Wilson is an author, podcaster, and publisher. He has interviewed Jonathan Frakes and William Campbell for Starlog, written for DC Comics Star Trek classic and Warlord series, and, most recently, served as principal writer and director for Prometheus Radio Theatre and publisher of Firebringer Press. His original science fiction series, The Arbiter Chronicles, currently boasting nineteen full-cast audio dramas and the novel Taken Liberty, has won the Mark Time Silver Award and the Parsec Award for Best Audio Drama (long form). A second Arbiter Chronicles novel, Unfriendly Persuasion, was released in 2012, and a new series of episodes is currently in development. He is also a contributor to Crazy 8 Press’s ReDeus series edited by Bob Greenberger, Aaron Rosenberg and Paul Kupperberg.

As a podcaster, besides hosting the Prometheus Radio Theatre podcast, Steve has recorded Lester Del Rey’s Badge of Infamy for podiobooks.com, multiple roles in J. Daniel Sawyer’s production of The Antithesis Progression, and Nobilis Reed’s upcoming Geek Love audio anthology. Steve entered SF fandom as a fanzine writer in 1984, and worked on the committees and Shore Leave, Clippercon and OktoberTrek before becoming founding co-chairman of Farpoint. He has now retired from convention organizing to focus on writing and publishing. He and his wife Renee and their two sons live in Elkridge, MD.

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7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Steve! How r u, Renee, kids & ur merry band of lost & found souls? Of which, I used to be part of! Now I’m keeping Leviathans from bringing forth the Apocalypse!! Lol

  2. Hi, a question if I may. Just been enjoying a lazy morning coffee with the Movie Channel in the UK and saw the last few minutes and credits for Race to Space with James Woods. Listed as writer was Steven H Wilson. I know a Steven H Wilson…. Well, when I say I know him, I mean that I listen to his podcasts, his audio dramas and buy his Kindle books. And there can’t be that many of them, so, was that your credit?
    I thoroughly enjoyed Heroic Park and of course Unfriendly Persuasion and I’m looking forward to By Your Side.
    Thank you,

    • Thanks, Jeremy! I hope you do enjoy By Your Side, and I’ll pass that on to Lance! No, I’m no relation to Mr. Wilson who wrote Race to Space. Confusing that we have the same middle initial! In fact, I was contacted by the Library of Congress for disambiguation on that. I thought that was pretty cool!

    • Hi, Nate — I guess you’d say I’m more passive right now. I’ve had to be on deck to help two family members through serious illnesses, and that’s drained my energy for writing and publishing. I do have some unpublished Arbiter material that will see the light of day after I come up for air. I don’t hold out much hope for more full-cast audio dramas. I think I’ll be focusing on prose and single-voice reads; but we’ll see. Thanks for checking in!

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