Fan Fic

So I suppose a lot of “professional” authors would shy away from sharing their fan fiction. I long ago gave up worrying whether or not “they” considered me professional, however. Fan fiction is an extremely valuable way to develop your craft, since it lets you play in someone else’s sandbox and dive right into plot and prose construction without having to create new characters and a universe for them to live in. Carefully reworked fan fic for Star Trek, Dark Shadows and Twilight has won Hugo Awards and graced the New York Times Bestseller list as recently as… oh. There’s one there now, isn’t there?

Many of my original characters first appeared in my fan fic, which I began writing in 1982. And, as I’ve been since paid to write in the universe I first chose to do fan fic for, I guess I learned a thing or two along the way. I’ll link these titles to the actual stories as available. Many of them will need to be scanned from an ancient substance called “paper.”

Live on this site:

Live on Archive of Our Own:

Enterprise Lost (Star Trek Novel)

Enterprise Betrayed (Star Trek Novel)

Transition – 2024 (Lost in Space Short- Published in Encounters 1)

Transition – 2032 (seaQuest DSV Short- Published in Encounters 1)

NEW! A Swift Half (Space: 1999 short story)

Not Yet Live:

A Chance for Life (Star Trek Short – Published in Destiny’s Children 2)

Transition – 2394 (Star Trek Short- Published in Encounters 1)

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