From 1987 until 2009, I wrote parodies of films and TV shows to be performed at Baltimore-area SF cons. Since I retired, some unknown named Peter David has cornered the market… I directed most of these, and they were produced under the auspices of The Not Ready for Paramount Players, Cheap Treks and The Usual Suspects. I will begin to attach scripts as available.

Star Trek IV – The Voyage (The Hell) Home (With Scott Grossman) – Clippercon IV, 1987

Saturday Afternoon Live (With Scott Grossman) – Clippercon V, 1988

The Red-Shirt Murders (With Scott Grossman) – Clippercon VI, 1989

The Ghost and Dr. Crusher – OktoberTrek 1990

Star Trek V: What the Hell? – Fanout 1990

Selected Shorts (Segments) “The DataLore Show”, “It’s the Great Bird, Charlie Brown,” “Lace and Dilithium” – Fanout 1991

Planet of Dark Shadows – OktoberTrek 1991

My Fan Lady (With David Keefer and TA Chafin) – Vulkon Baltimore 1993

Beach Planet Romeos (With David Keefer) – Shore Leave XV, 1993

The Little Halfbreed – Shore Leave XVIII, 1996

TrekFanatic (With Scott Farquhar) – Shore Leave XXII, 2000

The Year Without a Star Trek Show (Book and some Lyrics – Other Lyrics by David Keefer) – Shore Leave XXV, 2003

A Roddenberry Hoedown: (Segment) “Roddenberry, RFD” – Farpoint 2004

Batsalot (Lyrics – Book by Ethan Wilson) – Farpoint 2005

Kryptonian Idyll – Farpoint 2006

Da X Code – Farpoint 2007, Balticon 41, 2007

P for Producer (With Elias Senter) – Farpoint 2009, Balticon 43, 2009

Radio Play Parodies

Lux Radio Theatre – The Road to Orion – Farpoint 2008

Lux Radio Theatre – It Happened One Flight – Farpoint 2009

A Fandom Home Companion – Farpoint 2011 (With Renfield and Ethan H. Wilson)

Lux Radio Theatre – The Uninvited – Farpoint 2013






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