The Arbiter Chronicles

The earliest products of human genetic engineering left earth in the 22nd Century, fleeing persecution. They colonized other worlds which have since become the seats of power – the center of the loosely-organized Confederacy of Worlds. Earth has degenerated into a slum. Devastated by war, poverty and disease, an embarrassment to its descendant worlds, its people are considered the cast-offs of humanity. Jan Atal of Rigel V is one of the Confederate Navy’s most decorated officers, yet is despised by his superiors. Sent on a punitive assignment to command the Arbiter, he takes with him four misfit proteges: Terry Metcalfe and Kevin Carson, two of the few Terrans ever to graduate the Naval Academy, Cernaq, a telepath from a world of extremist intellectuals, and Atal’s daughter Kaya, whose phenomenal IQ is matched only by the chip on her shoulder. Joined by an elderly Wiccan doctor and a Boatswain who’s an escaped slave, they protect Confederate Space from denizens of the violent Qraitian Empire.

Series created and written by Steven H. Wilson. Series writers: Scott Farquhar, Cindy Woods, June Swords

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SuperHuman Times

SuperHuman Times gets its title from a national magazine covering a present-day world where extraordinary superhumans lead ordinary lives. It’s not that everyone in this world has super-powers and isn’t special, or that humans have taken superheroes in stride, or that those heroes are forbidden to use their powers by a government. It’s just that, in this world, the heroes did their jobs too well.

They rid the world of supervillains. All of them. That made it easier for human authorities to deal with regular criminals themselves. So, what does a superhero do in a world without supervillains (well, without supervillains who are trying to kill them and/or conquer the world)? How does any superhuman fit into human society — and how do humans live with them on an equal footing? Can they?

These are the stories of people caught up in those SuperHuman Times.

Series created and written by Lance Woods.

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Prometheus Presents

And these are the stories that… aren’t from the other two series. Ghost stories, parodies, musical (ahem) parodies, and original SF stories. Prometheus has done those, too.

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