I Just Finished – Marvel’s Inhumans – Episodes 1 & 2

I’ve heard mixed reviews about this ABC TV series, and largely from people whose opinions I trust. I kept an open mind going into it, however. The Marvel movies have rarely disappointed me. Agents of SHIELD has overall stayed entertaining. I haven’t taken time to watch all of Legion, but, of course, Daredevil on Netflix is amazing. Jessica Jones held my interest, even though I don’t care for the character, and I liked the flavor of life in Harlem that Luke Cage brought to superhero television. I’m still in the middle of Iron Fist, and haven’t even started Defenders. But maybe because reactions to Inhumans were so mixed, I wanted to check it out.

I quite frankly loved it. It has some of the tone of SHIELD, but with more colorful, more recognizable characters. Recognizable for me, anyway, since I was a Fantastic Four reader from childhood, and the Inhumans were introduced in those pages. The show has humor, suspense and admirable heroes. I’m particularly happy with the casting choices for Gorgon, Crystal and Karnak. Those actors especially brought energy to sometimes under-appreciated supporting roles. And seeing Lockjaw, looking like, well, Lockjaw, popping in and out of the scenes, transporting his fellow Inhumans all over the world and the moon, was a treat.

A lot of comments I heard during the publicity phase of the series focused on Medusa’s hair looking fake. Well, I had to agree it looked a little odd, but then it always looked a little odd in the comics. Fortunately, the producers found a way to squeeze a fix for that out of their plot. I’ll avoid spoilers, but it’s just one more way Maximus the Mad parallels Thor’s Loki, if you know your Norse myths.

I’ll be interested to see where this series goes.

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