Night Train through Maco

A young couple fleeing an arranged marriage meet up with the ghost of a railroad conductor in the swamps of North Carolina.


Sarah – Heather Scheeler
Josiah – Ethan Wilson
Price – Steven H. Wilson
Conductor – Paul Balze
Benson – Chris Carothers
Angry Passenger – John Weber

A note from the author:

Here we return to my North Carolina heritage.  The story of the light at Maco Station has been told many times in the last century and a half.  I first discovered it in one of my grandmother’s books of ghost stories, An Illustrated Guide to Ghosts and Mysterious Occurences in the Old North State, by Nancy and Bruce Roberts.  I love train stories, so it’s always been one of my favorites, and Prometheus’s rendition embroiders on it, adding some history and some melodrama along the way.


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