God Bless Us Every One

For some people, today is about eating, drinking and giving each other gifts.

For some people, today is a sacred day, the day when we celebrate the birth of God’s son, who came to save us from our own worst natures.

For some people, today is about feeling excluded, feeling lonely, experiencing depression. Although the claim that suicide rates spike at Christmas appears to be a myth, a time when joy is a publicly traded commodity can be painful from someone who feels left out.

Christmas, like any positive thing, can be misused, can devolve into banality, can cause pain.

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The Sacrifice Play Kickstarter is LIVE!

In case you haven’t been paying attention, Sacrifice Play – A Tale from the Arbiter Chronicles, is the third novel based on my Mark Time and Parsec Award-winning Arbiter Chronicles science fiction series. It’s in final editing stages now, weighing in at about 60,500 words.

Sacrifice Play cover art by Caio CacauThis time out, the Arbiters are passengers on a military vessel that’s been assigned to test a dangerous new technology. If word of that technology’s existence gets out to the public, the Confederate Navy believes their very way of life could crumble. They’re willing to kill to protect the secret, and the Captain of the CNV Haakon Rodriguez decides to sacrifice his own ship and everyone on board for the good of all.

The Arbiters, aboard the doomed ship, um, disagree. It’s a battle of wills and a battle against the clock as they race to save the ship from its own captain. Caio Cacau’s gorgeous cover painting of Metcalfe and Carson should make it plain that the stakes are high this time out.

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Prometheus Radio Theatre offers a new Cattail Country Store and many other chilling tales for Halloween night

Cattail Country Store CroppedThe Cattail Country Store is once again open for business. Of course, it’s only open when someone needs it to be, and that means someone’s in trouble. This time, it’s two girls named Sarah and Liz who wander inexplicably in from the swamps of Louisiana, and possibly from the pages of history.

And don’t forget that Prometheus has brought you many tales of horror and the paranormal over the years. Check out these:

Night Train Through Maco

Dead Aaron

Freedom’s Blood

Don’t Go in the Barn, Johnny

Photos from the Attic

Call Me Sam

War of the Worlds

The first episode of the Cattail Country Store, “Last Call”

… And of course Phil Giunta’s ghostly novels:

Testing the Prisoner

By Your Side

Some of these are first chapter links only. Our full catalog is available on our podcast feed: http://prometheus.rnn.libsynpro.com/

Waste of Space – “Sacrilege and Sauerkraut”

Recorded live at Farpoint 2014, this is the latest episode in our sitcom about four evil geniuses sharing a rundown house. This time, the Reverend Crompton comes a-visiting to investigate vampire Stella’s claim that she once dated Jesus of Nazareth.

Ethan Wilson, Steve Wilson, Cindy Woods, John Scheeler, Melissa McBride. Photo by Paul Balze

Ethan Wilson, Steve Wilson, Cindy Woods, John Scheeler, Melissa McBride. Photo by Paul Balze


Stella – Cindy Woods
Heinrich – John Scheeler
Corky – Ethan H. Wilson
Golth – Steven H. Wilson
The Reverend – Melisssa McBride

Written by Ethan H. Wilson with Steven H. Wilson
Foley by Greg Woods and June Swords
Technical Support by Conventional Magic
Music by Kevin MacLeod.
Waste of Space theme song composed and performed by John Scheeler, with lyrics by Steven H. Wilson

Prometheus Radio Theatre is Back on the Air!

It’s been a loooong while, but Prometheus is re-emerging from the cocoon. Up first is a reading of Phil Giunta’s story, “Man to Man,” plus some thoughts on the death of the great Harve Bennett.

With music by Kevin MacLeod and sound effects courtesy of the Free Sound Project.

Also some updates on upcoming Prometheus shows with director Steven H. Wilson, and a brief tribute to the late, great Harve Bennett. Our 2007 interview with Harve can be found here.

The text of “Man to Man” is available at Phil Giunta’s blog.

Prometheus + Firebringer = One MILLION Downloads!

Sometime earlier today or last night, downloads of our combined podcast feeds for Prometheus Radio Theatre, plus our Firebringer titles at PodioBooks.com, hit the One-Million mark. While we’re sure a lot of our colleagues out in podcast-land hit this milestone long ago, we’re pretty excited. We don’t know which show or chapter was the one millionth, but we do know that our single “best-selling” download is Steve’s reading of “The God of Tarzan,” and our most-downloaded work is still Taken Liberty. These numbers don’t include any of the audio we’ve provided to libraries, or to BooksAMillion.com, or the stats for Badge of Infamy via LibriVox; so our actual numbers are even higher. Thanks for listening, please keep listening, and tell, maybe, another million friends!

Slight delay this weekend

Sorry, all, but last night’s storm coupled with a very busy work week prevented the next chapter of Unfriendly Persuasion from going up last night. Looks like it will be Sunday this week. Part of the craziness, though, is a project I’m working on that may soon bring some very exciting news! Stand by!

— Steve

And we’re back! With Chapter One of a new Arbiters novel!

Unfriendly Persuasion, the novel set just after the second series of Arbiter Chronicles episodes, was released March 8 in paperback and eBook.  It’s available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords.com or any online book retailer. It picks up just after the events of “Contents Under Pressure.”  The story stands on its own, but check our Arbiter Chronicles page for links if you’d like to listen to that show again before starting the novel.

Unfriendly Persuasion, read by the author will run by-weekly for the foreseeable future. Six new full-cast episodes of SuperHuman Times are being recorded now, as is Lance Woods’s reading of the SuperHuman Times novel Heroic Park, due out in August.

Please let us know what you think as you listen to or read Unfriendly Persuasion. Also, if you missed it, you might want to go back and grab our March 18th release of the Farpoint 2012 opening ceremonies, which includes a new episode of our sitcom, Waste of Space, guest starring Battlestar Galactica’s Kate Vernon and True Blood’s Kristen Bauer.

From Balticon: A New Arbiters Short!

The Balticon Podcast has reached its 100th episode!  And. to celebrate, Paul asked for fiction from the first ten podcasters to ever attend a podcasting track at an SFCon anywhere, anywhen, at Balticon 40.  Since Steve Wilson was among those ten, Prometheus was asked for an entry; and how better to celebrate the 100th podcast from such a grand old SF con than with a special Arbiter Chronicles episode, featuring the entire cast?

So here it is, The Arbiters do Balticon! You’ll also hear some wonderful pieces by Jared Blackwell, Mur Lafferty and Christiana Ellis!

Cross-Posted from the Podcast Feed: Update Show


This brief update is mostly to let listeners know that episodes are no longer being posted to the feed at http://prometheusradiotheatre.com/?feed=rss.  That’s exclusively our blog feed now.  Podcasts will be on http://prometheus.rnn.libsynpro.com/rss.

I also mention the book Getting Things Done, by David Allen, which I recommend to anyone who’s feeling a bit out of control of all the STUFF they want to accomplish.

Finally, there are coupons available on Smashwords so that you can buy Firebringer Press ebooks for the reduced price of $2.50.  These are good through June 25th.  We’ll probably keep generating new ones, so check the Prometheus blog if you miss the date.

Coupon Codes:

Taken Liberty: LP46E

Peace Lord of the Red Planet: GE42S

Testing the Prisoner: HU58N