At Long Last, iTunes is correct!

Many thanks to our friends at Libsyn for their efforts in straightening out the incorrect feed for our podcasts at the iTunes Store.  The links to both our feed and our website are now correct!

Prometheus Radio Theatre

Steve guests on Nobilis Erotica

Our friend Helen E. H. Madden wrote “When the Angels Fall,” a story about a young man who’s in love with his oppressive robot guardian angel, for the collection Coming Together: With Pride.  Steve did a reading of it for this week’s Nobilis Erotica podcast.

It being an erotica podcast, please consider yourself advised that the content is explicit.


Thanks to all of you who came out to see us at Balticon, both at the Farpoint table and at the Firebringer Presents panels and Steve’s reading.  And just to show it wasn’t all business, here’s a photo by our own Paul Balze of Steve moderating the “Naughty Mad Libs” panel, and struggling not-so-bravely through the results of a mad-libbed passage from Robert A. Heinlein’s I Will Fear No Evil. Sheila Dee looks on, amused, while Doc Coleman seeks refuge on the delightful shoulder of Laura Frechette.

A good (noun) was (verb)ed by (number).

Taken Liberty on your favorite eBook reader!

The first Arbiter Chronicles novel,  Taken Liberty, has been available on Kindle (and, of course in paper!) for a while.  This week, however, we’re excited to announce that it’s also available as an iBook, a Sony eReader book, and a Barnes & Noble Nook book! All of this is courtesy of the fine folks at Smashwords, where it’s also available in just about every ebook format imaginable!

Please consider supporting PRT by buying a copy for just $4.99, and please, please consider leaving a review on your favorite eBookstore!

iTunes Update

The fine folks at Libsyn have submitted a correction to our blog feed with iTunes.   New subscriptions will be pointed at the correct url soon.   At that point, if your feed is broken, you’ll need to re-subscribe.  We’ll post here when everything’s in order!

Change in Blog Feed!

If you’ve been subscribed to this blog please note the new rss feed is:

This was brought about by today’s integration of the blog and the site.  Also, there’s been a little confusion of late about the podcast feed, brought about by some changes made on Libsyn’s side.  The old feed –

had stopped working for a while, but seems to be back.  The new feed –

is probably the better one to use.  Somewhere during the transition from Libsyn to LibsynPro, someone did the “favor” of publishing this feed:

It doesn’t work, and it seems, sadly, to be the feed iTunes published, which is causing some problems.  Keep in touch if you’re having issues, and we’ll get them worked out!

For now, if you’re subscribed to the podcast via iTunes, you can add the correct feed by going to the PODCAST section of your iTunes library, clicking ADVANCED on the top menu bar, selecting SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST, and then entering in the dialogue box.  This will pull the correct feed, and give you our latest episode.

Phil Giunta interviews Steve Wilson

Phil, author of our current feature, Testing the Prisoner, has been interviewing a number of authors on his blog. Steve is the latest.

Part OnePart Two

Testing the Prisoner – Chapter Ten

After his fatal confrontation with the demon, Daniel reaches out to Miranda from the other side.  Together, they’re forced on a disturbing tour through Daniel’s violent childhood.

We hope you’re enjoying Testing the Prisoner! Remember you can order a copy of the book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  It’s also available in a Kindle edition from Amazon.


Testing the Prisoner – Chapter Nine

In the course of three confrontations – the first with Vicky, the second with his demon, the third with the tortured child who haunts him – Daniel learns what he must do to end the nightmares.


Testing the Prisoner – Chapter Eight

Desperate for answers, Daniel goes to Miranda for help.  She delves into his memories and confronts his tormentor.