Change in Blog Feed!

If you’ve been subscribed to this blog please note the new rss feed is:

This was brought about by today’s integration of the blog and the site.  Also, there’s been a little confusion of late about the podcast feed, brought about by some changes made on Libsyn’s side.  The old feed –

had stopped working for a while, but seems to be back.  The new feed –

is probably the better one to use.  Somewhere during the transition from Libsyn to LibsynPro, someone did the “favor” of publishing this feed:

It doesn’t work, and it seems, sadly, to be the feed iTunes published, which is causing some problems.  Keep in touch if you’re having issues, and we’ll get them worked out!

For now, if you’re subscribed to the podcast via iTunes, you can add the correct feed by going to the PODCAST section of your iTunes library, clicking ADVANCED on the top menu bar, selecting SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST, and then entering in the dialogue box.  This will pull the correct feed, and give you our latest episode.

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