Back in the Day, I Liked…Ghosts #30

This was the first comic book I ever bought for myself. I believe I had read a couple that belonged to my brother—an F-Troop issue, and a Gorgo. He did not read super-hero comics. In fact, he actively detested them. He read war comics, and the occasional movie or TV tie-in. In July, 1974, however, I was spending the night with my cousins in Hyattsville, and I learned that my Uncle Bob was a fan of super-hero comics, and had been since the 1940s. I’ve talked about that before, so, if you actually are interested in such trivia as how I became a comics fan, here ya go.

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Prometheus Radio Theatre offers a new Cattail Country Store and many other chilling tales for Halloween night

Cattail Country Store CroppedThe Cattail Country Store is once again open for business. Of course, it’s only open when someone needs it to be, and that means someone’s in trouble. This time, it’s two girls named Sarah and Liz who wander inexplicably in from the swamps of Louisiana, and possibly from the pages of history.

And don’t forget that Prometheus has brought you many tales of horror and the paranormal over the years. Check out these:

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The first episode of the Cattail Country Store, “Last Call”

… And of course Phil Giunta’s ghostly novels:

Testing the Prisoner

By Your Side

Some of these are first chapter links only. Our full catalog is available on our podcast feed: