Peace Lord of the Red Planet – Chapter One

This novel puts a new spin on the idea of the earthman who is suddenly torn from his home and cast into a fantastic world of warfare and (apparent) magic.  Our hero is not a seasoned veteran of war who happens to outclass all the members of an alien warrior culture; rather, he’s a man of peace whose bravery is beyond compare, but whose moral convictions will be tested on a ruthless world.

Shepherd Autrey is a doctor and member of the Society of Friends in America in 1864.  On a mercy mission to the devastated Shenandoah Valley, he runs afoul of a Confederate press gang and is doomed to be hanged.  Instead, he begins an extraordinary adventure.

The first several chapters of this novel will be run on this cast in the coming weeks.  We’re anxious to hear your feedback on the story.  In the Fall, it will be released in eBook format by Firebringer Press, and on

Special thanks to Eli Senter, Cindy Woods and Sandy Zier-Teitler for editorial services!


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