Announcing the Arbiter Logs

ArbiterLogoOldThis morning I put the last 2300 words to the third novella I’ve written in 2013. And now at 75% of the way to the home stretch on this leg of my project, here’s what I’m up to: With eBooks taking off and moving, outstripping my paper book sales, I’ve decided that the sixteen or so Arbiters adventures that exist only as audio dramas should be available to readers as well. I’d always intended to novelize these scripts and print them, three of four to a book, as the adventures of young Horatio Hornblower are presented in Mr. Midshipman Hornblower, and as Alan Dean Foster did in the wonderful Star Trek Logs.

My eBook sales reports say the time is right to build up my inventory, so, by Summer, my plan is to release the first four Arbiter Chronicles adventures as novellas, for sale in eBook form at the reasonable price of 99 cents each. “Mutiny Springs Eternal,” the Mark-Time-Award-wining “A Man Walks Into a Bar,” and “Man of Letters” are drafted and ready for me to polish and send to the editor. I’ll embark on “The White Lady” next, and expect to have it finished in two to three weeks, in time to craft an outline for the third volume of ReDeus before Balticon. I’m really excited about this. It’s a chance to revisit my favorite characters in stories I told a dozen years ago. Along the way, I’m adding new insights and texture. I’m hoping this will bring the Arbiters to a whole new audience, and I hope all of you who’ve made this journey with me so far will come along for the ride.


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