Balticon schedule – Steven H. Wilson

I’ll be representing Prometheus and Firebringer at Balticon.  If you’re attending, catch up with me at these events:

Saturday, May 29

3:00 to 5:00 PM, Parlor 1041, Book Launch – Peace Lord of the Red Planet

6 PM, Chesapeake, Audio Theatre Today. Since the earliest days of radio, audio theater has engaged the imaginations of millions in a unique way. Though it never went away, the age of the internet has brought a new vibrance to the scene, withamateur productions popping up all over and professional groups finding new ways to reach people. From the retro to the experimental, this panel will discuss the state of audio theater productions today, where they came from, and where they are going.

9 PM, Derby Room, MODERATOR for Baltimore Fan Culture. Baltimore is one of the most nerd-friendly towns on the East Coast. New around here? We’ll talk about area events, hotspots, landmarks and all the great things you need to know. Fellow panelists are John Cmar, Laura Burns, and Bryan Prindiville.

Sunday, May 30

11 AM, Derby Room, MODERATOR for Storytelling. Be it sitting around the campfire, gossiping over the fence, or blogging and podcasting, we’ve always been up for hearing a new story, or passing on an old one. The Internet has given us a much bigger audience and helped to pull the focus off of the few who could afford to get into mass communication under the old TV and radio models. What is the continuous thread which New Media helps us to follow, and how might it better fulfill our longtime need to tell our stories? Fellow panelists are Patrick E. McLean, Heather Welliver, and Brad Smith.

2 PM, Maryland Foyer, David Sherman and Steven H. Wilson Autograph Session

3 PM, Salon D, Steven H Wilson Reading

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