My Farpoint Schedule

Farpoint 2015 is this weekend! Guests include Colin Ferguson, Tim Russ, Timothy Zahn, and, of course, me.

I know I said I’d retired from Farpoint and all, but Renee and I stepped up this year to run the Art Show, so that our friends Cindy Woods and Heather Mikkelsen could take over Programming, where they’ve done a stellar job. So I’ll be in the Art Show room a lot this weekend.

Friday night, as I’ve announced on Facebook already, I’ll be directing Prometheus Radio Theatre’s production of “The Maltese Vulcan,” starring Star Trek Voyager’s own Mr. Tuvok, Tim Russ. Opening Ceremonies begin at 7:00 and we expect to be on stage about 8:25.

10 PM Friday brings the Farpoint Book Fair, where I’ll be signing with a few dozen fellow authors.

10 AM Saturday, I’ll be doing a reading along with T. Eric Bakutis, David Alan Mack, and Don Sakers. (What we’ll be reading, I can’t say. Personally, I think Don and I should double-team The Stinky Cheese Man.)

11 AM is the Space: 1999 40th Anniversary panel. We were expecting Andrew E.C. Gaska of Blam! Ventures. Sadly, Drew had a conflict and can’t make it. But SciFi Diner’s M Sieiro Garcia and I should both be on hand!

Firebringer Press will have a showcase at 1 PM Saturday, with almost every Firebringer author on hand for the festivities.

At 3 PM Saturday, I’ll be watching Don Sakers and Keith RA DeCandido sign autographs. Come talk to me. I can sign a napkin for you, or something. Occasionally I’ll pretend to be Don, so people can tell me I wrote their favorite book ever.

Apparently I’m reading again on Sunday at 10, with Michael Jan Friedman and Aaron Rosenberg. Gents, should we all read something mythological?

At noon, I’m joining my new friends Joe Berenato and Rich Handley (among many others) to discuss the history of Star Trek comics and their excellent book on the subject, New Life and New Civilizations.

And, finally, what’s left of me will join Howard Weinstein and Richard White for the Historical Fiction Writing workshop at 1 PM.

Hmmm… I’m working Art Show when exactly? Somebody send in the clones.

There ought to be clones.

I know, old joke.


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