Memorial Service for Marty Gear

On July 18, 2013, Marty Gear, costumer, con-runner, SMOF and dirty-old-gentleman vampire, died quietly in his sleep. Shore Leave invites all of Marty friends and family (fannish or otherwise) to gather to remember this legendary member of our community. We’ll convene at 10:30 PM Saturday, or immediately following Masquerade, whichever is later. To accommodate family members and Marty’s friends from across Fandom, no badges will be checked for this event. Questions should be directed to me.

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5 thoughts on “Memorial Service for Marty Gear

    • Hi, Gwyn — no, this is not the memorial Danny and France are putting together. The Date is August 2nd, which is this coming Saturday.

  1. Steve, Saturday is August 3rd (I know con weekends can typically count as one day for most folks ;-). Will this be in the ballroom, or somewhere else within the hotel? Thanks, Jo

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