The Arbiter Chronicles – Contraband

Belowdecks on the CNV Titan, we get a glimpse of Bos’n Aer’La through the eyes of her crew.  A young recruit named Benny (Lee Arenberg) picks up a souvenir — and some unexpected consequences — while on shore leave.

Written by June Swords.  The Arbiter Chronicles was created by Steven H. Wilson.  Recorded live at Farpoint 2010.

Stars June Swords as Aer’La and Cindy Shockey as Dr. Faulkner.  Guest stars: Renfield as Pete, Chris Carothers as Jack, Lee Arenberg as Benny and Felicia Day as Martha the Space Ferret.  Music by Kevin MacLeod.  Foley by Ethan Wilson, Sound Engineering by Marty Gear and Sharon Van Blarcom.  Director: Steven H. Wilson.  Producer: Cindy Woods.  Tech Support by Larry Kozek, John Vengrouskie and Lew Aide.


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