The Arbiter Chronicles 06: Divergence

On leave, Metcalfe meets the perfect girl – only to find she may actually be him.

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I’m proudest of this episode because it’s actually referenced on under “Go Screw Yourself.” Now that’s celebrity! We first performed this at a Balticon, which was a good audience. My nephew, Noah, attending his first con as a teen, instead of as a kid forced to go because his family went to cons, played the part of Tommy, the holographic host who almost marries the two Metcalfes. And, of course, this is the first time that we learn that Carson is in love with his best friend… at least, in some universes.

Announcer – Paul Balze
Metcalfe – Steven H. Wilson
Carson – Scott Farquhar
Cernaq – Renfield
Kaya – Beatrice Kondo
Aer’La – June Swords
Faulkner – Cindy Shockey
Tracy – Cindy Woods
Pallas – Renee Wilson
Tommy – Heather Mikkelsen

Directed by Steven H. Wilson
Editing: Steven H. Wilson
Music: Scott D. Farquhar



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