The Arbiter Chronicles 07: Polarity

The Arbiters go undercover to stop a slaver ring and host a visitor with a dangerous alien pet.

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In this one, I wanted to take Metcalfe and Aer’La into a Film Noir adventure on the sleazy side of the Arbiters’ universe, to have Metcalfe actually rebel against his Captain for a change, and to put Metcalfe very far outside his comfort zone, doing what spies often have to do to make a mission work: let bad things happen to him so others can get away safe. At the same time, I wanted to give an insight into Doc Faulkner’s home life, and what better way to do it than to introduce her husband–well, one of them–and have him be a bratty young witch? What kind of guy could someone as nice as Cernaq actually hate? We found out in this episode. Ian Bonds played Kaylin in the live production, but Ian was unavailable for the studio recording, so Eli Senter stepped in.

Announcer – Paul Balze
Metcalfe – Steven H. Wilson
Atal – David Keefer
Carson – Scott Farquhar
Cernaq – Renfield
Kaya – Beatrice Kondo
Aer’La – June Swords
Faulkner – Cindy Shockey
Kaylin – Eli Senter
Roloff – Paul Balze
Rena Kane – Renee Wilson
Zhay – Ethan Wilson

Directed by Steven H. Wilson
Editing: Steven H. Wilson
Music: Scott D. Farquhar

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