Waste of Space (Pilot) – Guest-Starring Felicia Day and Lee Arenberg

Four evil geniuses share a home and plot world domination.  In this episode, Golth, an out-of-work alien invader, meets Stella the vampire, Corky the Internet Pirate and Heinrich the Irish (wink) war criminal. 

This was recorded live at Farpoint, so please bear with the background noise.  The first segment was recorded only via the audience mic due to technical difficulties.  You can hear everything, but the audience is loud.  This clears up at 11:57.  Gotta love live recording!

Stars Steven H. Wilson as Golth, Cindy Woods as Stella, John Scheeler as Heinrich and Ethan Wilson as Corky.  Guest Stars are Felicia Day as Nicole, Lee Arenberg as the Zinbarian High Commander, Christian Wilson as Professor Perilous, Renee Wilson as the AI and Cindy Shockey as herself. 

Foley was performed live by Eli Senter.  Sound Engineering by Marty Gear and Sharon Van Blarcom, with an able assist by John Vengrouskie and Larry Kozek. 

Waste of Space was created and written by Steven H. Wilson and Ethan Wilson.  The song “Waste of Space” was composed by John Scheeler, with lyrics by Steven H. Wilson.  All additional music is by Kevin MacLeod


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