The Colonel’s Plan – Getting Out of the Rut

December 19, 2018

Dear Daddy —

I was talking about the basement, and the accumulation of STUFF. Most of that stuff is gone now. Here’s how that happened.

The ruts left behind after the eCyclers’ van got stuck

You were still alive and mobile, albeit diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, when the cleanup began. After making some inroads in the house (literal inroads–pathways through the mountains of junk), I told Mother I wanted to do something about the basement and the garage. She said something to me like, “I wish you’d do something about the storage place. It’s costing us over $700 a month.”

Wait–how much?

You were paying more than my first house payment for a garage bay storage unit that was about 10′ by 28′. Yes, that needed to go away.

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Some Tips on handling Malware

This week, some practical information, as opposed to my lofty, philosophical flights into the realms of high lit’rit’cher. (Which means I’m too tired to think, and am thus beginning to just dump the contents of my brain all over the place. I think it may be a sign of premature senility…)

Malware. If you own or use a Windows computer, you’re going to get it. Malware is any program which installed on your computer without your knowledge and is intended to either collect  information about you or simply to interfere with the efficient running of your computer. I help a lot of friends, family members and co-workers figure out problems with their Windows PCs. 99% of them are caused by malware. As soon as I here these phrases:

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