I Just Finished – Eternal Empire #4

This series is perhaps less accessible than Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughan’s previous effort, Alex + Ada, but it is intriguing. It billed as an “Epic Fantasy,” which would normally cause me to leave it on the rack. This creative team’s last series was so good, however, that my whole family read it, including my non-comic-reader wife. So I wasn’t going to leave anything they did on the rack. (I hate to hear good comic books shriek in pain.)

So the description is standard fantasy fare: The Eternal Empress has, for years, oppressed the country of… Sorry, went to sleep. Fantasy does that to me, but, again, there are exceptions and this is one.

Right now it’s a “road” story, as Tair and Rion, young fugitives whose physical interactions are literally explosive (if they touch each other, stuff blows up), travel through the wilderness in search of a land of the free. Actually, it’s the last country that the Eternal Empress has not conquered. A little bit Logan’s Run in concept, but the pair have yet to meet anyone else who’s as interesting as they are. Their relationship is evolving slowly, but should prove interesting to follow.

Issue #5 came out today, but wasn’t on the shelf. Will have to track it down.