The Hawaii Episode

IMG_4170So, remember back in the Sixties and Seventies, when just about every sitcom, sooner or later, did their season premiere in Hawaii? My particular favorite is the I Dream of Jeannie visit, which spanned at least three episodes and featured the world’s most pointless musical interlude in which singer Don Ho and a random kid (his son?) wandered the beach, climbed trees, and, at one point, Don kicked the kid in the ass for no apparent reason. Don Ho was a guest in all the sitcom Hawaii episodes, as far as I know. He was there when the Brady family got cursed by Kona. He was there when the Jeffersons… um… I don’t recall what they did. George was probably an ass, Weezie was probably wise and assertive, and Florence probably chased good-looking men. Continue reading

Island Time

canvasI’m on my first-ever two week vacation, on Kauai, so no words of wisdom this week. Instead, how about some pictures? There are some beautiful sights here…  IMG_3192I’m from Appalachia, and this place looks like home.

IMG_3217Chickens and all.IMG_3223_AThe locals are, um, friendly. (It’s okay, I like cardinals.)

IMG_3168You can see your feet in waist-deep water.

IMG_3152There are slightly fewer feral cats than there are chickens. (Why are there feral cats and not feral chickens?) Should I even mention the feral Jeeps?

IMG_3135 The landscape is exotic.

IMG_0579Even when it rains in the morning.

IMG_3119And they grow crops in pools of water. Who does that?

IMG_3114 But the most beautiful sight on the island arrived with me.

I’ll be back next week with (probably) another sorry excuse for a blog.