Please help P.G. Holyfield!

1965850_1408294617.4618Today, Evo Terra’s words (below) are far more important than anything I could say:

I’m emailing with terrible news. One of our own — P.G. Holyfield — is quickly losing his battle with cholangiocarcinoma, a particularly vicious form of cancer diagnosed only two weeks ago. There are no treatment options. The doctors are giving him days to live.

There’s nothing to be done medically for Patrick (the “P” in “P.G.”,) but there are things that can be done for the three young children he leaves behind. Effective now and for the foreseeable future, 100% of all donations made to his serialized audiobook — Murder at Avedon Hill — will be transferred to a fund set up for them. In addition, audio inserts will run for all listeners of his book making them aware of the situation and asking for them to donate. Generously.

[Please] donate to

More details on Patricks cancer can be found at Spread it far and wide. The campaign has already received attention from Boing Boing.

Tell someone close to you how much you love them and how important they are to you. And then do it again.

And remember — there are no treatment options for Patrick. What we do now, we do in his name for his family.

Evo Terra
Friend of P.G. Holyfield
President of (way less important than the first title)

All I can add is my hope that you’ll donate generously, as Evo requests, and also that you’ll check out the work of this talented, creative individual. May he live forever through the stories he has told us:

Murder at Avedon Hill

The Sovereign Era: Year One

Canary in a Coal Mine

P.G…. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your gift of creativity, a gift of yourself.

Thank you for giving the world the gift of children who will carry forward a bit of your spirit, your strength and your values.

Thank you for being one of us.

I Am All These Things

Okay, I’m doing something a little different this week. It’s not going to be a regular occurrence, but it may be something I play with when I’ve got something to say that’s important, either from a publicity perspective, or from a “this is important to me personally” perspective.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog at, then this week you’re also reading the script for my weekly podcast. (And you can hear my reading, as well, here!) If you’re a regular listener to my podcast, that is the Prometheus Radio Theatre podcast, then this week you’re listening to my blog. Again, not a permanent change. Next week my listeners will hear the next chapter of Phil Giunta’s wonderfully scary novel By Your Side, and my readers will hear about Lara Parker’s wonderful expansion of the Dark Shadows mythos, Wolf Moon Rising. But this week, and now and then in the future, both groups will receive the same message. Continue reading

Capclave 2013

small_dodo_transparentI haven’t been to a con on Farpoint’s old weekend (Columbus Day, politically incorrect as it now is) since, well… Farpoint 2000. People still complain that Farpoint made the choice to move from October to February, but, well, if we moved back now we’d be against Capclave. And that would be a shame, because Capclave is not a con I’d want to miss, or hold a con up against. It’s not a huge con, just as Farpoint isn’t. It is, like Balticon, a literary SF con, sponsored by the Washington Science Fiction Association (WSFA). The program was chock-full, with six tracks running until midnight Friday and Saturday, and I was kept quite busy throughout, which is how I like it.

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Unfriendly Persuasion Front MedUnfriendly Persuasion is finished!

Well, of course, my third novel, the second novel in my Arbiter Chronicles series, was finished a long time ago, back in the Fall of 2011. But I’ve been sloooowwwly releasing an audio version of it. Every other week I’ve put a chapter up on my podcast feed.

Very shortly after I began podcasting, late in 2005, I did the same with my first novel, Taken Liberty. Releasing a free audio of the book I’d put so much time and energy into getting published seemed a little risky, but I think it paid off. Over 10,000 people have listened to Taken Liberty, it got me a lot of attention in the podcast community, and it really helped me establish myself as a New Media Author.

I’ve released all my fiction as free audio, as well as all the episodes of my Arbiters radio show. There are over a hundred episodes in my feed, and I’ve broken a million downloads. Recording, editing and releasing this one was nothing new for me.

But I did spend a year doing it, following a year writing and publishing it. I feel like this particular work has been with me for a long time. And bringing it to a close reminds me how much has changed in the eight incredibly short years that have passed since I released my first podcast. Friends have drifted away, loved ones have died. The kid who provided the soprano voices of children in my early episodes is now six foot two and writing his own scripts. The other little guy who ran around my studio, wanting nothing more than to shout “hello!” into every mic because he couldn’t yet read a script, is now getting ready for High School and teaching martial arts.

A lot has changed. Don’t know what’s next, but I’m always up to something. If you were waiting until it was finished to listen to Unfriendly Persuasion, well, that excuse is gone. It’s all up there now and waiting for you. The chapters are in the feed here. If you’ve already listened to it, please let me know what you thought!

I believe now I shall sleep for a few minutes.

Live365 and the DMCA

Well, gang, it looks like Prometheus Radio Theatre will be dumping — more correctly be dumped BY — Live365. I’ve just received a threatening e-mail from their legal department, warning me to make our station “compliant” ASAP or have our broadcasting account suspended. What crime have I committed? Gasp! I’ve broadcast 16 tracks in a row by the same artist! This is a violation of the DMCA, and the RIAA has apparently lodged a complaint against us with Live365.

I’ve explained to them that we are an artist-owned station, which is supposed to make us immune to that bit of the DMCA. Perhaps they’ll see it that way, but I’ve been through enough BS with Live365 this year that I’m not willing to talk to them much more, particularly when they invoke the name of the infernal RIAA. Frankly, I’d like nothing better than to sue them for violating my First Amendment rights, but I’m sure some clever government-lover will explain to me that I have no rights in this case. (So why should this case be any different?)

And, because this has put me in a bad mood, I’ll snipe out the fact that the DMCA was signed into law by one of the sacred Democratic Party who’s supposed to swoop in and save us from fascism in 2008. This is just one of the many reasons that I don’t see any reason to prefer one party of special interest toadies over another.

I did take SOME small satisfaction in pointing out to the legal eagle who contacted me that he’s using AVG Free Edition to screen his e-mails against virus (it says so at the bottom) and AVG Free is not for use on corporate-owned PCs being used in a business environment. Throw the RIAA at me will you? I’ll see your music Nazis and raise you one visit from the BSA!