Axel’s Flight

beyondborders_lorraineSchleter600pxScheduled for a late May release is ReDeus: Beyond Borders, the second volume in a series created by Bob Greenberger, Paul Kupperberg and Aaron Rosenberg. The gods are back and ready to be worshiped, but is humanity ready for them? This time out, our team of authors left the United States behind to visit the homelands of the many pantheons from around the world.

In the last volume, I told how the Norse God Bragi came to mentor a desperate musician who was down and out as a result of the fall of YouTube. This time, I chose to take my young rock star, Axel Sage, to Sweden, where Odin and the Aesir are assembling a new brotherhood of Vikings and a new sisterhood of Valkyries. The Aesir are probably the most techno-friendly of the gods, so they’ve embraced reality TV. Their new followers are recruited on the twin series Who Wants to Be a Viking? and Who Wants to Be a Valkyrie? Axel lands right in the thick of it, falling for a beautiful warrior maiden. Trouble is, a Valkyrie’s hand goes to the warrior who’s willing to fight for her, and Loki has a champion in the wings.

This volume will also feature the work of veterans Lawrence M. Schoen, Scott Pearson, Dave Galanter, Phil Giunta, William Leisner, and Allyn Gibson, plus new ReDeus authors Kelly Meding, Janna Silverstein, David McDonald, Steve Lyons, and Lorraine Anderson. And, of course, creators Aaron, Paul, and Bob will all have stories as well. The cover art above is by Lorraine Schleter.

Axel’s Song



Interior illustration by Carmen Carnero.

ReDeus is a shared universe, and the brainchild of Bob Greenberger, Aaron Rosenberg and Paul Kupperberg. In these stories, the gods return in 2012. Yes, all of them! In the first volume, Divine Tales, eleven authors told tales of the different pantheons and how their returns changed the world, and the lives of individual people.

My story tells of Axel, a 20-year-old musician who was poised to become the next YouTube sensation until the gods turned off the Internet all over the world. Axel comes to New York City, still the center of culture, hoping to reclaim the celebrity that was almost in his grasp. There he meets Bragi, Norse god of poetry, who demands his allegiance. What follows is an odyssey through the melting pot of pantheons, as Axel encounters more gods than he ever wanted to, and all of them want something from him.

You can order Divine Tales, published by Crazy 8 Press, from Amazon. This fantastic volume also contains stories by Aaron Rosenberg, Dayton Ward, Steven H. Wilson , Robert Greenberger, Paul Kupperberg, Dave Galanter, Allyn Gibson, Phil Giunta, William Leisner, Scott Pearson, Lawrence M. Schoen