REVIEW – Sensation Comics #1 – The Perfect Golden Age Comic Book

sensationbronzeSo this review seems particularly retro.  It’s one thing to review a book which came out during or right after World War II.  Books tend to stay in print for decades, if they’re deemed worthy.  But a ten-cent comic book from 1942?  70 years after-the-fact may seem a bit late to be telling you how great it was, especially since getting hold of a copy is a little more expensive, comparatively, than securing a copy of The Humanoids or Friday.  Looking on eBay just now, I see that an original copy runs five figures – the bid is up to $11,614 in one auction, and there’s a “buy it now” copy priced at $17,252.  A reprint costs roughly $20 – It’s only been reprinted twice, to my knowledge – or you can pay about $50 and get just the Wonder Woman lead story if you pick up the first volume of the Wonder Woman Archives.  But getting just the Wonder Woman story would be missing the point.  Sensation Comics #1 represents the Golden Age of Super-Hero comics hitting its stride.  It marks the moment when the writers, editors and artists “got it.” and put together a product that absolutely captured the spirit of its time.  A close contender would be All-Star Comics #3, which introduced the Justice Society of America.  But it’s only a close contender.  I shall explain why I think so as I go.
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